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NY Mills mulls future projects

New York Mills City Council members are considering adopting a capital improvement plan.

If the plan is adopted and followed as written, the city will work on six projects between 2015 and 2018. There would be one project in 2015 and 2017, and two projects in 2016 and 2018.

In a report presented by Jon Olson and Bob Schlieman of Apex Engineering Group Inc., the reasoning cited for most of these projects was increased maintenance costs due to older utilities which are going beyond their useful life.

No parts of the suggested plan have been finalized by the city yet. Proposed projects include:


-Gilman St. and Tousley Ave. (joint project). Reconstruct the street and sidewalks, along with sanitary sewer and water mains under the named streets. Estimated cost: $1.97 million.


-Reconstruct Main Ave. street and sidewalks, along with the sanitary sewer and water mains under Main Ave. Some other nearby sanitary sewer work would also be completed. Some work may be done in neighboring alleys to update other infrastructure. Estimated cost: $823,700.

-Reconstruct sanitary sewer on Nowell Ave. between Walker Ave. and Main Ave. Reconstruction to the street itself will also be needed. This portion of sewer is still made of vitrified clay tile pipe material and its condition has led to extra maintenance costs. Estimated cost: $145,500.


-Miller St. has seen increased traffic, and needs to be updated from a “rural section street (no curb and gutter) to an urban section street (curb and gutter on both sides),” according to the Apex report. Improvements to the storm sewer system would also be included. Estimated cost: $813,800.


-Reconstruct and regrade the rural section of Cornwell Ave. south of Park St. to Centennial Dr. and improve the water main and sewer. Estimated cost: $406,800.

-Install a new production well for the city’s water supply. According to the engineer’s report, the city’s other two wells are more than 30 years old and “are at an age where production can become unpredictable and susceptible to failure.” Estimated cost: $110,000.