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St. Paul House to be relocated

One of Ottertail’s oldest structures will soon find a new home within the city.

The St. Paul House, currently located near the intersection of Highways 108 and 78, will make the trek down Highway 108 to its new location near the Ottertail Creamery building.

Ed Smith, current owner of the St. Paul House, shared his plans to move the house at the Oct. 17 meeting of the Ottertail City Council. Smith is giving the historic house to Ottertail-based Firestarters Ministries.

Pete Thiel, of Firestarters, presented a drawing to members of the council detailing where the house will sit in relation to the Creamery. According to Thiel, the relocated house will sit 12-15 feet from the alley and 35 feet from the center of Maple Avenue, meeting all of the required setbacks.

“Impervious is another issue we need to consider,” commented Ottertail Maintenance Supervisor Lee Sherman. “I don’t think, in my opinion, that adding the St. Paul House to this property with the added impervious will have any more impact on the property than there already is.”

Thiel said a full basement is planned for the building. The site’s existing septic system is large enough to handle the new structure, which will likely include retail space. The council approved the granting of a permit for placing the St. Paul House on the Creamery property.

Wagenman resigns from council

Longtime Ottertail City Council member Terry Wagenman submitted a letter to the council announcing his resignation as of Monday, Oct. 14.

He served as a council member since January of 1995. No reason was given for his resignation

Ottertail City Clerk/Treasurer Elaine Hanson read a statement acknowledging Wagenman’s 18 years of contributions to the city. Wagenman also served as city weed inspector and was a longtime member of the Ottertail Fire Department.

The Ottertail City Council will appoint someone to fill the rest of Wagenman’s term on the council.

Bike path list completed

A special meeting was called on Oct. 2 to accept a quote for the completion of items yet unfinished from the city’s bike path project contract. The bike path punch list included several items removed from the contract with Central Specialties.

Pat Morstad, Precision Landscape and Irrigation, provided the council with a lump sum quote of $23,220.45 to complete the items on the punch list. The quote met all requirements of the state and federal wage guidelines and was accepted by the council.

At the council’s Oct. 17 meeting, Senior Engineer Chris McConn from Interstate Engineering reported that Precision Landscape and Irrigation had finished the punch list.

“I drove the site today and it was very clear that the work has been done. Now it’s just a matter of rain and getting the grass to grow,” reported McConn.

The city of Ottertail will now make an effort to close its contract with Central Specialties. Both parties will need to come to an agreement on liquidated damages.

Heidi Kratzke, For the Focus