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See what people in Perham had to say...

Find out what people around Perham are thankful for.

Doug and Sue Eckes, Perham Office Supply:

Sue: “All of the volunteers who decorate town.”

Doug: “Two wonderful grandchildren.”

Sharon Dahring, Perham Post Office: “Lots of things... health, family and my job.”

Gina Cavanagh, Bay Window Quilt Shop: “Family and the generous hearts of the caring people of the Perham area.”

Ray Guck, ACE Hardware: “My wife and family.”

Tom and Kathy Gould, with dog Lily, at T.A. Gould Jewelry:

Kathy: “Friends, family and good health.”

Tom: “My two girls, loyalty and love.”

Lacy Richter: “My family, house, friends and food.”

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