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NYM considers alternate capital improvement plan

Representatives from Ulteig Engineering presented their version of a capital improvement plan for New York Mills at a City Council meeting on Nov. 12.

Ulteig’s plan would call for two larger projects, redoing several streets at once over the next five years, depending on the condition of pavement and utilities. According to the presentation, the city could save on project costs by having designers and engineers working on larger projects, rather than addressing smaller improvements one at a time.

Ulteig proposed that the city take on Gilman, Main, Tousley and the connected alleys as one street and utility project for 2015. This would cost an estimated $2.73 million.

In 2018, Cornwell Ave. and Miller St. would have street, drainage and utility improvements, streets in need would be overlaid, and a new groundwater well would be dug. This project has a projected price tag of $1.67 million.

Overall, Ulteig’s plan would cost about $4.4 million over five years.

Representatives from Apex Engineering were also present to answer questions about their presentation, which they presented to the council in October.

The council will vote on which firm’s plan to adopt at its December meeting.

According to the estimates included in both presentations, the Ulteig plan is about $130,500 more expensive than Apex’s plan. However, Ulteig’s plan allows for street overlays and maintenance as a separate item.

During the discussion, City Clerk Darla Berry said that the city has worked with Ulteig for “years and years, but the person associated with that … is no longer with Ulteig.”

In other news, the council:

-Reached a preliminary agreement with Lund Boats to transfer ownership of a portion of water main at the factory’s expansion site.

According to a letter submitted to the council by Jim Richardson, facilities manager at Lund, the building permit for the expansion states that ownership of the city-owned water main must be transferred to Lund Boats.

A fire hydrant on the west side of the main will be kept active, and the east side will be used for the building’s water supply. A third portion of main runs underneath the factory’s location: this will be capped from both ends and shut down.

In the letter, Richardson says that a water flow test has been done to confirm that the alteration will have a “minimal effect on the city water supply and would still allow sufficient water supply to continue in this area of the city.”

As planned in the meeting, a “memorandum of agreement” will be drafted by the city after checking for any other obligations along that main.

-Approved a request by Ethan Niemela to create a ‘Resident Only Parking’ area along Hayes Ave. According to Niemela’s request, parking space is inadequate because of extra cars parked in the area by employees of the Lund Boats factory. The council decided to create a ‘Resident Only Parking’ area on the east side of Hayes Ave., across from the Assembly of God Church and to the corner of Gilman St.

-Confirmed that a Truth in Taxation meeting will be held Tuesday, Dec. 10 at 4:30 p.m. The public hearing portion of the meeting is set to begin at 6:01 p.m. The city’s tax levy amounts for next year will be set at this council meeting.