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Proposed trail may cost $11 million

The price tag for the proposed recreational trail between Perham and Pelican Rapids is estimated at $11,117,000.

The County Board of Commissioners is seeking a state matching grant in the amount of $5,558,500.

A federal grant of $600,000 also is being sought.

At a recent county board meeting, commissioners said they view the proposed trail, about 30 miles in length, as an enhancement to tourism and economic development in Otter Tail County.

The project is in partnership with the cities of Perham and Pelican Rapids, and PartnerSHIP4Health, a collaboration of community and public health partners.

“This proposed trail will provide a year-round amenity with benefits not only for the residents of Otter Tail County but for thousands of visitors who vacation in our area throughout the year,” said County Board Chairman Wayne Johnson. “The trail will support tourism and economic development in the area by making Otter Tail County a regional draw for biking enthusiasts and other trail users.”

Commissioner Doug Huebsch said the trail would expand the opportunities for residents and visitors to maintain healthy and active lifestyles by providing a safe corridor for walking and biking. He said the trail also would create future connections to state and regional trails such as the Central Lakes Trail and the Heartland State Trail.

Tom Hintgen, Otter Tail County Correspondent