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UPDATE: Water service lines at heightened risk of freezing up

Due to continuous extreme cold weather this winter, the frost table is lower than previous years. This may result in frozen water service lines in some places.

If you are concerned about your service line freezing, you can check your water temperature by running your water until it is cold, and then check the temperature. Water should be around 45 degrees. If the temperature is 37 degrees or below, you may have an impending freeze up and the frost may be getting close to your service line. 

People can help prevent their lines from freezing by letting the water run at a pencil-sized stream from a faucet. Letting the water run at this level will average about 1/4 gallon per minute, which equals 10,800 gallons in 30 days.

If this is the case please contact our office at 218-346-4455 or toll free 877-864-7963 during regular business hours.  If your water lines are frozen and it is after hours please contact our emergency public works line at 888-262-3837.  This is an emergency number and only should be used if it is after hours and your lines are currently frozen.

If you are running your water to prevent your service line from freezing, please be aware the usage of water and sewer will be charged with no discount.  Please contact our office if you are running your water.

The risk of frozen service lines could continue for several weeks or months.