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Sobieski endorsed for House race

New York Mills business owner, David Sobieski, has been endorsed for the House District 2B legislative race by dele-gates at the DFL convention recently held in Park Rapids.

David Sobieski, of Butler Township in Otter Tail County, was endorsed by unanimous consent for the House District 2B legislative race by delegates at the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Senate District 2 Convention held March 15 in Park Rapids.

Sobieski, 48, said he is running for the House of Representatives because of his commitment to rural Minnesota and because he wants to put the needs of the district before any extreme ideology. 

“I want to invest in our communities and our people,” he stated in a press release.

During his acceptance speech, Sobieski said, “I believe our district needs a representative who can work with members of both parties... Being an elected official means educating yourself and making informed decisions. Saying ‘no’ is not always the right answer.  Compromise and consensus can make our government work better.”

Sobieski and his wife, Amy, own Canvaswork, Inc., in New York Mills, where they make products for the transportation, marine and agricultural industries. They have two children: John, 12, and Henry, 10. 

Sobieski served in the United States Air Force from 1987-1990, when he was honorably discharged.  He is a graduate of the University of Minnesota with a bachelor of science degree in adult education and creative writing.