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Perham offers MIR3 phone, email alerts

Perham residents who’d like to receive updates and alerts from the city via their phones or email may now do so.

The City of Perham announced last week that it had started offering public registration to the MIR3 emergency notification system.

Otter Tail County has been using the MIR3 system for the past few years, and has been offering it to cities throughout the county. Perham is the latest to hop on board, offering public registration to its residents, property owners and business owners.

The MIR3 system will be used to alert residents about both emergencies and non-emergencies, ranging from a natural disaster to a simple update on a street project.

Users may choose to receive notifications through text messages, emails, cellular phone calls or landline phone calls.

The MIR3 notification system also has the capability to notify users by location. This will allow notifications to be directed to the affected members of the public within a specific area.

Although users may see a wide variety of notifications with the MIR3 system, it is recommended that people continue to use weather radios or other official notification systems for severe weather alerts. Weather radios and the National Weather Service are the best options for real time, up-to-date information regarding severe weather.

Registration may be completed online at Click on the ‘MIR3 Notification’ tab, and then go to the public registration page. Registration may also be completed in person at Perham City Hall, located at 125 2nd Ave N.