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Photo by Perham woman featured in book

Becky Vorderbruggen’s photo, “Rooster in Snow,” has been included in the book, “Capture Minnesota III.” The rooster is now known around the family farm as Famous Amos. Submitted photo

Becky Vorderbruggen, a local hobbyist photographer, has always liked taking pictures.

A few years ago while on vacation, she bought a nice camera on a whim and “started snapping.” From there, the hobby grew.

“The more I did it, the more I did it,” she said.

Vorderbruggen said she takes pictures of everything she sees on the family’s farm or while out and about.

“They’re used to me stopping the car to take pictures,” she said of her three children.

As Vorderbruggen began to take more pictures, her mother told her about, a website for sharing pictures taken in Minnesota.

“I took a chance,” she said, and uploaded some photos.

Vorderbruggen said she enjoys receiving comments and critiques from other users on the website, and uses that feedback to improve her work.

One of those photos was of a little rooster with brilliant plumage standing next to a fence in the snow. Once it was posted, the photo captured the attention of other users and gathered more than 100 votes.

When a picture is uploaded to the site, it is automatically up for consideration to be published, Vorderbruggen explained.

From there, other users can “dig” photos they like to improve its ranking. Higher ranked photos have a better chance of being chosen by Capture Minnesota’s editors for projects or collections.

On May 17, Vorderbruggen was one of 174 photographers who were recognized at a reveal party held at the Mall of America for Capture Minnesota’s third book, which features 251pictures of Minnesota through the eyes of Minnesota photographers.

“I couldn’t believe that mine was chosen,” Vorderbruggen said.

Her husband, Frank, explained that even the photographers themselves didn’t know which picture was chosen until the reveal,

“It was kind of a surprise,” he said when they learned the rooster photo was the one chosen.

“There is so much to Minnesota, so taking photos can give others a glimpse of life across the state,” Becky said.

“She really has an eye for it, catching the light just right,” said Frank of his wife’s skill. “I’m extremely proud of her.”

In spite of the recognition she’s received online and through the book, Vorderbruggen has maintained a modest perspective.

“I’m by no means a professional photographer,” she said. “If I can do it, anybody can do it.”

Back at the family farm, that little rooster (now known as Famous Amos) has added some extra strut to his step.

“It’s almost like he knows,” Vorderbruggen said. “He’s kind of a character.”