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A Turkey Days hike through "historic Frazee"

An old look down the streets of Frazee will be included on the History Hike through Frazee that takes place Saturday at 8 a.m. The hike begins at the Lions Park, travels through town and ends at the rescue building north of town on County Road 29. Photo courtesy of Becker County Historical Society

From flood control to the first house in town, Frazee is filled with history and Mayor Hank Ludtke is ready to pass it along.

Ludtke is hosting a History Hike through Frazee on Saturday, beginning at 8 a.m. The event is part of the town’s annual Turkey Days celebration.

 “Part of it will be on the North Country Trail since we are a trail town now,” he said of the hike.

The hike will be about two miles long and start at the Lions Park — home of the big turkey, of course — “where the old DNR dam was for the flood control system that was built during the WPA (Works Progress Administration) days.”

 The old Quinlan house will also be a part of the tour. It was one of the first houses in the city.

Another topic of history will be Town Lake, “which was Detroit Lake. And in 1857, Frazee, at the state level, was known as Detroit. It was first plotted as Detroit. Then it changed to Third Crossing.

“So it will be talking about the history of the town, and then it will be a walk through town to our rescue building on the north side of town on County Road 29.”

Ludtke plans to start off the walk at the Lions Park, giving people information, but because of health issues can’t make the hike himself. He said he’s working with an Eagle Scout to walk with people and answer questions, but Ludtke will also give hikers a printout of information to have a self-guided tour as well.


He then hopes to meet people halfway through the hike to give more information, and then there will be vehicles at the rescue building on County Road 29 that will shuttle people back to their vehicles at the Lions Park.

A biscuits and gravy fundraiser breakfast is also being served that morning in the Frazee Event Center, so Ludtke said he hopes people will take part in both activities. The breakfast fundraiser will benefit the sled dog races.

“It’s just to get people a little more aware of the history of Frazee,” Ludtke said of the history hike.