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Election filing period opens soon

As November’s Election Day approaches, it is nearly time for candidates to file for area races.

The filing period for local elections will run from Tuesday, July 29 to Tuesday, Aug. 12. Any filing fees must also be paid by the end of this time.

State-wide requirements for a person to be eligible to run include: being able to vote, being at least 21 years old when taking office, and living within the city or district limits for a minimum of 30 days before the election. Potential candidates also cannot have filed for another position in the general election.

Mayors are elected for 2-year terms, while city councilors, school board members and hospital trustees serve for four years.

Those interested in running for office should contact their respective city, district or other main office to file or obtain more information.

 All of the following positions will be part of the general election on Tuesday, Nov. 4.

City of Perham

In Perham, terms for two city councilors and the mayor are up for renewal, and all incumbent candidates plan to run again.

Council members Fred Lehmkuhl and Harriet Mattfeld both told the Focus that they plan to seek another term, as does Mayor Tim Meehl.

Perham-Dent School Board

Four members of the Perham-Dent School Board have terms expiring in 2014.

Board members Sue Huebsch and Jim Rieber have confirmed their intentions to run for reelection.

The other two members whose terms are expiring, Myron Roe and Mike Hamann, had not decided whether to run again or not as of press time Tuesday.

City of Ottertail

This year, there are three Ottertail city government seats up for election – one for the mayor, currently filled by Myron Lueders, and two city council member terms, currently filled by Brad Carr and Mike Windey.

Calls to the potential incumbents were not returned by press time.

City of New York Mills

Two city council seats, currently held by Marsha Maki and Josh Hoaby, and the position of mayor, currently Julie Gerber, will be up for election in New York Mills in November.

Gerber told the Focus that she has not yet decided whether she will pursue reelection. Hoaby and Maki could not be reached by deadline.

New York Mills School Board

In the New York Mills School District, the terms of school board members Jill Carlson, Chuck Jacobson and Rachel Grieger will be expiring and up for election.

Grieger said she is undecided on whether she will run again. The remaininng candidates could not be reached for comment.

Perham Health Hospital Board of Trustees

Seven positions on the Perham Health Hospital Board of Trustees will be up for election this year.

One representative from each of the following areas will be selected: Ottertail Township, Gorman Township, Dora Township, Perham Township, City of Perham, City of Dent and City of Richville.

Of the board members who were reached by press time, Gilbert Ebner (City of Richville) and Alfred Fresonke (City of Dent) said they will not pursue reelection, and Rich Richter (Perham Township) will seek another term.