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Clay County joins in ownership of Resource Recovery Facility

Tom Hintgen/FOCUS The Perham Resource Recovery Facility, currently owned by Otter Tail County and the partner counties of Becker, Wadena and Todd, will soon be joined by Clay County, which includes the city of Moorhead.

Clay County, which includes the city of Moorhead, will become the fifth county to assume ownership of the Perham Resource Recovery Facility, effective Sept. 1.

Otter Tail County currently owns the facility along with the counties of Wadena, Becker and Todd. Clay County’s share of the ownership is expected to be 15 percent.

A recent expansion at the facility includes the addition of a waste heat boiler as well as a new area where recyclable items are separated out.

The facility’s solid-waste-processing capacity has been increased from 116 to 200 tons per day. The facility generates steam that is used by nearby businesses in Perham.

The cost of the expansion is $19.3 million. The low bid for construction came from Baird of Milwaukee, Wisc.

The state of Minnesota is a co-signer for the revenue bonds used for the project. The intended source of repayment on the bonds is the net available revenue generated by Otter Tail County’s waste disposal system, run in conjunction with adjoining counties.

Otter Tail County will pay bond investors over a 20-year period. The low bid was 3.22 percent.

The facility is operated by the Prairie Lakes Municipal Solid Waste Authority through a joint powers agreement between the five counties.

The expansion will result in the addition of 12 employees. According to Perham civic leaders, this will have a positive economic impact on the community.

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency previously gathered input for an Environmental Assessment Worksheet as the initial step in the environmental review process. Otter Tail County and its partner counties later agreed to continue the environmental review process with a more detailed Environmental Impact Statement.

Perham Resource Recovery Facility facts and figures

-35,000 tons of municipal solid waste processed annually.

-Equivalent of 66,500 barrels of oil.

-Equivalent annual heating requirements of 5,860 Minnesota homes.

-Steam sold to Bongard’s and Tuffy’s, industrial customers in Perham.

-2,000-kilowatt steam turbine generator.

-15 employees as part of operating staff.