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Looking Back

25 years ago

• '92 Opener Lives Up to Expectations: East Otter Tail County saw its best-ever deer opener last weekend, with results up 29 percent from last year's previous record... (and) up 65 percent over 1990 and 167 percent from 1989.

• No More Batcrobatics in the Library: It's a little-known fact that the Perham Library has bats in its belfry...literally. The flying mammals have been summer occupants for many years, much to the consternation of library workers. Librarian Katherine Drahmann has not been shy about trying to get the city to permanently eliminate the bats. Various things have been tried over the years, but none have seemed to provide a complete and permanent solution. Well, now a solution may be available, thanks to Katherine's library skills. After complaining about the bats again this fall, she decided to take the matter into her own hands, and went on a search for information that would help the city bat-proof the library.

• Subsection Champs! Girls Save Their Best Game of the Year for Barnesville in Subsection 3 Championship: The Perham volleyball team saved their best game of the year for a rematch with the Barnesville Trojans in the sub-section finals. It was a total blowout as the Yellowjackets feasted on their HOL rival.

From the Thursday, November 12, 1992 Perham Enterprise-Bulletin

50 years ago

• Two Are Nearly Asphyxiated Here: Bob Hofmann and Jerry Berns narrowly escaped asphyxiation last Friday evening while putting in a cement floor in Bob's basement. They were using a gas trowler and although they had windows open, the gas apparently remained in the room. Both came upstairs and Bob went to the neighbor's to get more help to finish the floor. He collapsed there and a doctor and the fire department were called. Jerry heard the sirens and when he stepped outside he partially collapsed. Both men were given oxygen, examined by a doctor and released.

• No Contests in Village Election: Royale B. Arvig was re-elected village president (mayor), Edgar Rosen, trustee (councilman), and Bill Lee, treasurer in the village election here Tuesday. Only 76 votes were cast.

• The Family Lawyer: "Coke" or "coke"?: American business firms are spending millions of dollars every year to remind the public to start certain words with a capital letter. Reason: a hard-headed respect for the law of the trademarks. According to this law, a valuable brand name may be lost by becoming a part of the language—just another word that anyone may use. That is what happened to such once-famous trademarks as Aspirin, Mimeograph, Linoleum, Dry Ice, Escalator and Kerosene. In each case, what began as a capital-letter private name ended as a small-letter public word. English was the richer, but the manufacturer was very much the poorer—penalized, oddly enough, because its product had become too popular.

From the Thursday, November 9, 1967 Perham Enterprise-Bulletin