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City proceeds with street improvements

About $463,000 in street and sewer improvements were approved for bidding by the Perham City Council, following a June 8 public hearing.

Sewer, water and street improvements totalling nearly $140,000 were approved for 5th Street Northwest. The city will pay nearly half of the total cost.

Six residential lots will be assessed nearly $12,000 each.

In addition, nearly $200,000 in street improvements were approved on 3rd St. and 6th Ave. Northwest.

There were about 15 property owners at the hearing, some of them expressing concern that the assessed improvements would not adequately improve the value of the property.

Brad Helmeke, who owns mini-storage rental units in the industrial area near Barrel O' Fun, said the improvements did little to add value to his property. He further contended that the curb and gutter could create more water run-off problems.

Barrel O' Fun will pay the largest share of the assessments on 3rd Street and 6th Ave., including the added cost of a street improvement to industrial standards--because of the heavier truck traffic generated there.

Residential property owner Barb Walz expressed concern that improved streets could increase traffic, speed and reckless driving.

William Loerzel asked if the federal stimulus money could be used for the project.

The council voted unanimously to proceed with the project following the hearing.

Pawnbroker license approved

In other action at the June 8 Perham City Council meeting, a pawnbroker's license was approved for Ronald Melby.

He plans to open a pawn shop- in the former Overland Insurance offices, on Main Street. The license was approved, pending the formality of a background check.

Average Joe event slated June 27 at Miller Park

The council authorized use of the city's Paul Miller Park area for the "Average Joe Triathlon," June 27, from about 6 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.