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Should penalty be charged for escaped livestock in NY Mills?

Cows on the loose could cost money for the responsible party in New York Mills.

After a black angus, estimated at weighing about 1,000 pounds, escaped at the meat locker July 6 and led an informal posse on a "slow speed" chase, New York Mills Mayor Larry Hodgson suggested a charge.

"It's a safety of our policemen was almost run over," said Hodgson, who described the scene as the "running of the bulls," similar to what happens prior to bullfights in Spain.

"We have about three or four of these escapees a year," he said.

The incident earlier this month occurred when the heifer got loose while being unloaded at the Mills Locker Plant. The animal was eventually shot and returned to the plant.

Though no formal action was taken at the July 15 city council meeting, Hodgson raised the issue for discussion. He suggested a $250 charge when an animal gets loose in the city.