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Richville council approves building of Vet's Memorial

The Richville City Cemetery Board recently approved the construction of a Veterans Memorial on the city owned cemetery lot where the flagpole is now located.

The lot will be cemented out with 12 granite slabs bearing the names of military

conflicts area veterans have been involved in from the Civil War to the present. A new flagpole will be the backdrop for the Memorial stone.

The stone design will include the seals of the five major military services with the inscription "In Honor of All Richville Area Veterans." Below this will be the inscription "All Gave Some - Some Gave All." Next will be a list of the four area veterans killed in action and the one veteran missing in action.

The Richville City Cemetery with the adjoining Lutheran Cemetery is the final resting place for 103 veterans.

It is the board's plan to complete the cement work this year, install the main stone next spring, and have a dedication during our Memorial Day program in 2011.

The estimated cost of the Memorial is $6,000.00 to $6,500.00. The Cemetery Capital Improvement Fund will cover some of this cost. Any and all donations to this project will be graciously accepted. The Board's address is: Box 86, Richville, Minn., 56576

In other news regarding Richville, for the third straight year, the Richville City Council meeting on Monday, August 9, 2010, certified the city taxes payable in 2011 with no increase.