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German Festival brings fellowship, celebration and community to Perham

Members of Dent's American Legion present colors in a remembrance ceremony for September 11. Patty Klatt sang the "Star Spangled Banner" for the crowd.1 / 2
Children play on one of the inflatable houses at Saint Paul's German Festival. "It's great all the children are having such a wonderful time," said Natalie Wrangham, a teacher of first and second grade at the church and school.2 / 2

Saint Paul's Lutheran Church and School of Perham brought together members of the congregation and community to a fun-filled evening for people of all walks of life to enjoy.

The German Festival began with a remembrance of those lost in the terrorist attacks that shook America in 2001.

The American Legion of Dent presented colors while the melodic voice of Patty Klatt filled the air with the "Star Spangled Banner".

Hands went over hearts, heads were bowed, and others presented a sharp and proud military salute.

With a small good will donation, visitors were treated to a meal of bratwurst, beans, sauerkraut, and refreshing beer or root beer. Some attendees stayed inside to mingle, while others listened to the music of the Dale Lubitz's band outside.

Terry and Joan Galbrecht were enjoying their second year of the festival. "This is our second year here. It helps the church and it's an enjoyable time. You see a lot of people you haven't seen in awhile," Terry said. "We've been listening to Dale since we were teenagers."

The laughter of children filled the air as games were held throughout the evening, directed by Christopher Brown, the Church's Director of Christian Education.

Natalie Wrangham, who teaches first and second grade, smiled and said, "It's great all the children are having such a wonderful time."

Raffle tickets were available at the entrance for thirty-six prizes donated by local businesses, members of the congregation, and anonymous donors.

A silent auction was also held with gift baskets ranging from a coffee maker with accessories, a bath set, and a barbeque kit with everything one would need to throw something on the grill and have a wonderful meal. Members of the church council donated the baskets.

"This is great to see people having fun for the sake of having fun," said Bob and ReNae Tangen. "The organizers have done a great job, and also the wide-variety of people helping," Bob furthered.

Their daughter Madelyn had just as much fun. "I really liked the racing game. I liked the food and I like seeing all my friends," she said with a smile.

"This really turned into a great night of fellowship and family," said Bonnie Stohs, principal and teacher of the fifth and sixth grades.

As the sun began to set with the planet Venus gracing the sky to the right of the moon, applause filled the air as Pastor Carl Noble drew names for the raffle winners.

"The German festival was to remind the community that Christians are called not only to share our faith but to enjoy the whole aspect of enjoying life," Noble said.