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Republicans make huge gains in election; Dayton, Emmer headed for recount

As expected, Republicans emerged as the winners of Tuesday's midterm elections, winning seats both locally and nationally.

In Minnesota, Republicans took control of both the House and Senate for the first time in 38 years, overcoming a sizeable Democratic majority.

Minnesota's hotly contested gubernatorial election, meanwhile, appears to be headed for a recount and may not be decided for a while. Democrat Mark Dayton holds nearly a 10,000-vote lead, or .47 percent of all votes cast, over Republican Tom Emmer. According to Minnesota law, a recount is necessary when a margin is less than half of one percent.

Independent Tom Horner, despite being endorsed by many major newspapers in the state, gained only 12 percent of votes and conceded shortly after polls closed Tuesday night.

In other statewide races, Democratic incumbent Secretary of State Mark Ritchie beat Republican challenger Dan Severson, and Democratic incumbent State Auditor Rebecca Otto beat Republican challenger Patricia Anderson.

In local races, Democrat Collin Peterson beat Republican challenger Lee Byberg for the U.S. Representative District 7 seat. Peterson won 55 percent of the vote.

Republican Gretchen Hoffman edged out Democratic incumbent Dan Skogen in the race for District 10 State Senator. Hoffman won with 54 percent of the vote.

In District 10B, State Representative Republican incumbent Mark Murdock beat Democratic challenger Pete Phillips. Murdock gained 66 percent of all votes cast.

In the race for District 10A State Representative, Republican incumbent Bud Nornes won easily with 64 percent, beating Democrat Richard Kagan.

Elsewhere, Fred Lehmkuhl and Harriet Mattfeld both were re-elected to the Perham City Council, and Mayor Timothy Meehl was also re-elected.

In New York Mills, Mayor Larry Hodgson was re-elected, and Marsha Maki and William Warner were elected to the City Council.

James Rieber, Susan Huebsch, Myron Roe and Michael Hamann were elected to the ISD 549 School Board.

Rachel Grieger, Charles Jacobson and Jill Marie Carlson were all re-elected to the ISD 553 School Board.