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NY Mills students read 4,780 books in February

The completed rainbow for I Love To Read Month stands in the NY Mills Elementary School. 4,780 books were read during February.

February was I Love to Read Month at New York Mills Elementary School, and this year's theme was "Winter's Reading Rainbow."

With help from the elementary student council, each class was assigned a color for the month and focused on reading stories that had to do with that color.

At various times throughout the month a mystery reader would come over the public address system and read a page from his or her favorite book and students would try to guess who the mystery reader was and what book he or she was reading from.

At other times during the month, Dean of Students Travis Hensch would come over the PA system and announce that it was time to "drop everything and read." At that time, all people in the elementary, including the office and custodial staff, would drop everything they were doing and read for 15 minutes.

The culminating event for the month was a "reading rainbow" posted near the elementary office, run by the elementary student council, which documented the books that all students read during the month. The student council hosted a contest across grade levels to see what class could read the most books during the month. With 949 books read, the second grade won the contest. Each student averaged reading more than 16 books for the month.

The total amount of books read for the entire school tallied 4,780 books.

"It is amazing how excited students get about reading during February," Hensch said. "Our school has always done a great job of teaching the students the importance of reading, and more importantly, have instilled in the students the love of reading. These students should all be very proud of their accomplishments."