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NY Mills teacher creates video to support hospitalized student

On April 7, New York Mills seventh grader Kacie Pikula went to the doctor after experiencing frequent headaches, vomiting and double vision.

An MRI revealed some bad news - Pikula had an orange-sized tumor on the left side of her brain.

Pikula underwent surgery in Minneapolis on April 12 to remove the tumor, and is currently recovering at the University of Minnesota Medical Center.

As Pikula recovers, her teacher at school - Megan Myers - decided to do something to show Pikula that the school is thinking about her during her recovery.

Myers, borrowing an idea she got from a Good Morning American program, is creating a video using a flip camera of students and staff holding three-word messages.

A word is written down on three different sheets of paper, and students display each piece of paper to communicate their message.

One classmate's message to Pikula was "Get well soon," and another's was "Never say never," borrowing a line from Justin Bieber, one of Pikula's favorite musicians.

Myers has encouraged students and staff to leave messages for Pikula, and plans on setting the video to a song and sending it to the hospital.

"I hope that seeing all these messages will give her something to smile about in the hospital," Myers said.

Myers described Pikula as a "wonderful young girl" who was very active in the school and community.

Reaction to Myers' idea, and to Pikula's condition, has been strong, Myers said.

Pikula's condition can be tracked on her CaringBridge website at