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Dresses fit for personality

Trisha Marczak/FOCUS Detroit Lakes student Sadie Anderson has her prom dresses fitted at Elegance By Lindee in Perham.

Prom can be as simplistic or extravagant as a couple chooses - and Deanna Stromme said she's seen it all.

Owner of Elegance by LinDee in Perham, Stromme has come to expect the pre-prom rush, which typically starts a couple months before the big day.

That's when the girls first start to make their way to the shop, browsing for the perfect dress and accessories to go along with it.

It's during that time Stromme knows she has to have everything in stock and be ready to keep a steady flow of new earrings and necklaces on display.

"The bigger earrings are hard to keep in stock," Stromme said while sifting through her latest collection on display.

Earrings this year, like shoes, are made to shine. Rhinestones and mock diamond jewels line straps of stiletto heels and large dangly earrings. Even flip-flops are dressed up, with shiny accessories turning the average beach must-have into elegant footwear fit for a night on the town.

"Flip-flops are in," Stromme said, "but they have to be dress-up flip-flops."

Print dresses are a hot item this year - a continuation of a trend Stromme said came to the area a few years ago. Classic Cinderella-style dresses are still desired as well. Even short dresses, which are often jazzed up with killer heels, are flying off the hangers.

As far as prices go, a couple can make the prom experience as glamorous or as simple as they'd like. Dresses range anywhere from below $100 to more than $400.

With so many teens from high schools throughout the area making their way in, Stromme created a dress registry 14 years ago to avoid the all-too-awkward situation of a girl showing up to prom in the same gown as another. Since that time, Stromme has seen the trend kick in elsewhere.

As far as the guys go, the colors worn typically are dictated by the girl's dress. However, Stromme has seen situations throughout the years where the guys' desires go beyond color coordination with their dates.

The week leading up to the big night is a different type of busy for Stromme and her staff, as they're finishing up the final altering touches and dealing with last minute adjustments. Those who purchase dresses from the store get a package deal, which includes altering. However, Elegance also takes in orders for outside alterations.