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Tying Perham to Brazil

Submitted photo Pastor Dirk Currier of Northwoods Assembly of God Church in Perham preaches in front of a crowd in Rio, Brazil during a recent mission trip.

It's a passion to spread the Gospel throughout the world that has the Rev. Dirk Currier and Northwoods Assembly members packing their bags and traveling the globe.

That drive is what led Currier this month to Brazil, where he preached at a mission conference in Rio.

Christians in Brazil have a mission to reach out to the tribal people residing near the Amazon River. At the rally, pleas were made to other Christians to pair on the effort, with a goal of creating 1,000 churches in that area by 2014.

"We saw 300 people or more come up and pledge to the work of missions," Currier said.

Those in Brazil taking on the challenge plan to go by boat up and down the river, installing filtration systems and teaching the Gospel.

In September, Currier and a few of his church members hope to be right alongside them.

The church has connections to people around the world. In this case, Currier and his family hosted an exchange student, Tais Correa, from Brazil. Through Correa's stay, the Courrier family became acquainted with Correa's family members, some of whom visited during the Christmas season.

The Curriers were also able to make connections with those involved in ministry in Brazil. It was through those relationships that Currier was invited to help with the mission conference.

At the conference, Currier preached with the help of a Spanish interpreter, something he's used to doing at his home church in Perham.

Members of Northwoods Church are no strangers to mission trips. Currier's 22-year-old daughter April is spending next year in Israel and has also spent time in Sudan. Others in the congregation have been sent to Mexico, parts of Africa, Panama and Tijuana, to name a few.

Though traveling the world may seem like fun,

Currier said, despite some free time, it's not all about relaxing in the summer sun.

"It's not a vacation," he said. "You're there to serve."

Those within Northwoods church do whatever it takes to raise the funds for their journeys. While there, any charitable work is done in the name of Jesus, Currier said.