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New York Mills City Hall elevator needs $44K in upgrades

The city of New York Mills has begun the process of renovating the 14-year-old elevator in City Hall, a project which could cost an estimated $44,000.

Otis Elevator, the city's current elevator vendor, informed the city last spring that the company may no longer be able to find parts for the elevator's computer. The manufacturer has closed, the vendor said, and its parts are becoming scarce on the market.

Since then, the council has been looking into replacing the elevator computer components.

The city has received two bids. The lowest bid was from Duluth company MEI, for $44,000 including all labor, material, taxes, permits, inspection fees and freight.

Discussion continued at the July council meeting, but a decision has not yet been made. Councilors requested more information from the bidders.

The upgrades will potentially shut down the elevator for two weeks. Since the city hall is currently booked for almost every weekend through the rest of the year, the project will be postponed until early next year, at a time when the City Hall is not reserved for use.

This timeline will also give the city a chance to add the costs of the elevator upgrades into its annual budget for 2013.