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Ottertail, Richville, Dent and Township election results

With little to no competition, incumbents easily won their seats back in elections in Ottertail, Richville, Dent and most area townships.


In Ottertail, Heather Rosenthal was reelected to her position on the city council with 215 votes. This will be her second 4-year term on the council.

Mayor Myron Lueders was also reelected, with 283 votes. Lueders has been Mayor of Ottertail for the last two years.


Three incumbents sought reelection for three open seats in Richville. With no opposition, all were successful.

According to unofficial final results, council member candidates Erwin H. Post received 27 votes and Rick Sazama, 28. Gilbert Ebner will return as City Clerk, with 33 votes.


In Dent, incumbent Mayor Perry Coleman was reelected to another 2-year term, with 82 votes.

Jessica O'Boyle, an incumbent city council candidate, will return to the seat with 77 votes.

Both were running unopposed.

Perham Township

In Perham Township, four candidates were running for three open positions.

In a contest for Town Supervisor Seat C, incumbent James Osterfeld lost to newcomer Brian Sazama in a close race, 240 to 214 votes.

Two other newcomers, running unopposed, will take positions on the township board: Joe Ingebrand, with 407 votes, will become the new Town Supervisor for Seat B, while Judy Haverland, with 410 votes, will be the new Town Treasurer.

Rush Lake Township

Two candidates, one an incumbent and one new, will fill two open spots on the Rush Lake Township board.

Andrew Klinnert, the incumbent for Town Supervisor Seat B, was reelected with 481 votes. Francine Guck, with 490 votes, will take over as Town Clerk.

Both ran unopposed.

Butler Township

Three incumbent candidates ran unopposed to reclaim their three seats in Butler Township.

Amy Jankke Sobieski was reelected as Town Supervisor Seat B with 110 votes. Harold A. Schossow was reelected as Town Supervisor Seat C with 135 votes, and Laurie Hendrickx will continue as Town Treasurer, with 138 votes.

Newton Township

Incumbents Rick Ehnert and Angela Sonsalla will reclaim their seats on the Newton Township board.

With no opponents on the ballot, Ehnert was reelected to Town Supervisor Seat B with 358 votes, and Sonsalla will continue as Town Clerk with 364 votes.