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Perham man in custody after assaulting police officer

What started as an argument between father and son escalated into a short foot chase between David Loerzel and police, and an eventual felony assault charge.

Loerzel, 20, left his home in Perham after an argument with his father prompted a 911 call to the residence, said Perham Police Chief Jason Hoaby.

Officers later found Loerzel after several residents placed suspicious activity calls with the department concerning his behavior. Loerzel was apprehended after a short foot chase and taken to Perham Health for an evaluation.

Once there, he became “agitated” and “uncooperative,” kicking his legs, swinging his arms and eventually hitting a police officer with an open hand, Hoaby said.

Loerzel is currently being held on a felony fourth degree assault charge and fleeing a police officer in a non-motor vehicle, a misdemeanor.