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Fix-up funds may be available in Perham; inquire by Sept. 16

Perham’s Economic Development Authority (EDA), utilizing grant funds through the Department of Employment and Economic Development’s Small Cities Development Program, has helped eligible homeowners make health, safety and energy improvements to their properties in previous years.

This year, Perham is processing another application for these rehab funds. Should funds be awarded (spring of 2014), the program will supply income eligible homeowners with up to $20,000 of their improvement project costs.

To be eligible, homeowners should make at or below the following annual incomes: $34,550 for a one-person household; $39,500 for a two-person; $44,450 for three; $49,350 for four; $53,300 for five; and $57,250 for six.

Homeowners within the city limits of Perham who are interested in these funds, should they become available, are encouraged to contact EDA Director Chuck Johnson at 346-9798 or EDA Assistant Mary Holzer at 346-4582 by Sept. 16.