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Times Square Crystal Ball Gets A Makeover

The Times Square New Year's Eve ball gets a brand new design for its 2,688 crystal panels. Reuters

The Times Square New Year's Eve ball gets a brand new design for its 2,688 crystal panels.

And with that, the makeover is complete.

All 2,688 panels on the Times Square New Year's Eve Ball have been replaced with a brand new design, by the crystal company - Waterford.

Waterford's VP of Global Marketing Regan Iglesia explains:

"All the Waterford crystal panels on the ball this year are brand new. And we are unveiling the new first edition which is called 'the gift of imagination,' and every year for the next ten years we are going to unveil a new gift."

And by "new gift" he means newly designed crystals for different parts of the ball.

Tim Tompkins, President of Times Square Alliance:

"New Year's Eve is in part about imagining something better for ourselves in the year to come. Either for us personally, or for the world, so the theme of the 'gift of imagination' fits perfectly with the underlying reason why people go out and stand in Times Square in the cold weather for six hours. It is because it is tapping into these deeper themes of hope and imagination, and imagining a better world for themselves going forward."

Where did this year's inspiration come from? A 12-year-old girl.


"This twelve year old little girl was selected by the St. Jude's organization to submit a design to us, and we were able to cut that into one special crystal panel."

The famous ball drop is expected to be watched by more than one billion people worldwide.

Jillian Kitchener reports.