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County precinct caucuses Feb. 4

Precinct caucuses are meetings organized by Minnesota’s political parties, typically on the first Tuesday in February of a statewide election year. The state’s major political parties must hold caucuses at least every statewide election year. Other political parties may also choose to hold caucuses.

Caucuses are the first step for the party to select candidates and choose its goals and values.

Otter Tail County’s GOP precinct caucuses

Republican Party caucuses in Otter Tail County will be held on Tuesday, Feb. 4 at 7 p.m.

In Otter Tail County, Republican Party caucuses will be held at seven sites:

-Henning Community Center, 607 2nd Street, will host the following precincts: Deer Creek Township, Girard Township, Henning Township, Inman Township, Leaf Lake Township, Nidaros Township, Otter Tail Township, City of Deer Creek, City of Henning, City of Ottertail and City of Vining.

-Battle Lake Public School cafeteria, 402 Summit Street W.: Amor Township, Clitherall Township, Eagle Lake Township, Everts Township, Leaf Mountain Township, Maine Township, St. Olaf Township, Sverdrup Township, Tordenskjold Township, City of Battle Lake, City of Clitherall and City of Underwood.

-Kennedy Middle School cafeteria in Fergus Falls, 601 Randolph Avenue: Aastad Township, Aurdal Township, Buse Township, Carlisle Township, Dane Prairie Township, Elizabeth Township, Fergus Falls Township, Oscar Township, Orwell Township, Tumuli Township, Western Township, City of Dalton, City of Elizabeth, City of Fergus Falls Ward 1 Precinct 1, City of Fergus Falls Ward 1 Precinct 2, City of Fergus Falls Ward 2 Precinct 1, City of Fergus Falls Ward 2 Precinct 2, City of Fergus Falls Ward 3 Precinct 1, City of Fergus Falls Ward 3 Precinct 2, City of Fergus Falls Ward 4 Precinct 1, and City of Fergus Falls Ward 4 precinct 2.

-RT Event Center in Pelican Rapids, 1201 County Road 9: Dunn Township, Erhard Grove Township, Friberg Township, Lida Township, Maplewood Township, Norwegian Grove Township, Pelican Township, Scrambler Township, Star Lake Township, Trondhjem Township, City of Erhard, City of Pelican Rapids and City of Rothsay.

-Perham High School commons, 200 5th Street S.E.: Candor Township, Corliss Township, Dead Lake Township, Dora Township, Edna Township, Gorman Township, Hobart Township, Perham Township, Pine Lake Township, Rush Lake Township, City of Dent, City of Perham, City of Richville and City of Vergas.

-New York Mills High School library, 209 Hayes Avenue: Blowers Township, Bluffton Township, Butler Township, Compton Township, Homestead Township, Newton Township, Otto Township, Paddock Township, City of Bluffton, City of New York Mills and City of Wadena precinct 4.

-Parkers Prairie High School, room 105, 411 South Otter Ave.: Eastern Township, Effinton Township, Elmo Township, Folden Township, Oak Valley Township, Parkers Prairie Township, Woodside Township, City of Parkers Prairie and City of Urbank.

Otter Tail County’s DFL precinct caucuses

Democratic-Farmer-Labor party caucuses in Otter Tail County will be held on Tuesday, Feb. 4 at 7 p.m. Registration will begin at 6:30.

Caucuses set the framework for the grassroots organization of the Democratic Party. Precinct chairs and associate chairs are elected, resolutions are written, and delegates who will represent each precinct at the county and district conventions are elected.

Minnesota DFL Chairman Ken Martin describes precinct caucuses as a great way for people to meet their neighbors, discuss issues important to their community and serve as the unofficial start to the 2014 election season.

For those new to the precinct caucus process, the Minnesota DFL has developed a video, “What to expect at a precinct caucus.” It can be viewed online at under “Find Your District.”

All political parties in Minnesota hold caucuses in precincts across the state, at the same time, on the same night, for the same purpose.

In Otter Tail County, DFL caucuses will be held at seven sites:

-Pelican Rapids Public Library, 25 Mill Avenue, will host the following precincts: Candor, Dora, Dunn, Erhard, Erhards Grove, Lida, Maplewood, Norwegian Grove, Pelican Twp., Pelican Rapids City, Rothsay City, Scambler, Star Lake, Trondhjem and Vergas City.

-Fergus Falls Kennedy Secondary, 601 Randolph Avenue: City precincts 1-1, 1-2, 2-1, 2-2, 3-1, 3-2, 4-1, 4-2, Aastad, Aurdal, Buse, Carlisle, Dalton, Dane Prairie, Elizabeth City, Elizabeth Twp., Fergus Falls Twp., Friberg, Orwell, Oscar, Tumuli and Western.

-Parkers Prairie High School, Music Room, 411 South Otter Avenue: Eastern, Effington, Elmo, Leaf Mountain, Parkers Prairie City, Parkers Prairie Twp., Urbank and Woodside.

-Henning High School, 500 School Avenue: Folden, Girard, Henning City, Henning Twp., Inman, Leaf Lake, and Oak Valley.

-Perham Middle School, 480 Coney Street: Corliss, Dead Lake, Dent, Edna, Gorman, Hobart, Ottertail City, Ottertail Twp., Perham City, Perham Twp., Pine Lake, Richville and Rush Lake.

-Battle Lake City Hall, Meeting Room, 108 E. Main Street: Amor, Battle Lake, Clitherall City, Clitherall Twp., Eagle Lake, Everts, Maine, Nidaros, St. Olaf, Sverdrup, Tordenskjold, Underwood and Vining.

-New York Mills County Government Office, 118 North Main: Blowers, Bluffton City, Bluffton Twp., Butler, Compton, Deer Creek City, Deer Creek Twp., Homestead, Newton, New York Mills, Otto, Paddock and Wadena Precinct 4.

To find out which precinct you live in, contact the Otter Tail County Auditor’s Office at 218-998-8030.