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Milestones launches in Perham Focus

For many years, the Perham Focus has published wedding and engagement announcements and births in the newspaper every Thursday. Now, the Focus is expanding the page to include other types of family milestones as well.

Starting with our Aug. 10 issue, the Focus will begin sharing this community news—milestones such as weddings, engagements, anniversaries, birthdays, births, class reunions and going away parties. This page will still include what it always has, and it will be published each Thursday, just as before.

This change in our publishing process will allow all the "Milestones" to be published in both print and online editions, and we also have extended the deadline for submissions to 11 a.m. Monday. This will give readers more time to submit their "Milestones" to us, and still will allow us to prepare it for publication in that week's newspaper.

The publication fee for this news will be $15 for all "Milestones" announcements.

Readers submitting their "Milestones" to the Focus will use the newspaper's website to place their "Milestone" announcements. In addition to your news, you will be asked to include your contact and payment information. The website will allow you to choose how the information will be displayed in the newspaper, including the length and whether you would like to include a photo. This website will automatically prepare your "Milestones" for publication. The website address is

For more information, contact our Content Services team at 1-866-910-9009 or email your information to