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Opinion: Let's hope that Obama's change doesn't come up short

Liberals, conservatives, and all those in between-- you'd be hard pressed to find anyone in our nation right now who doesn't think it's time for our country to embrace change.

After all, by its very definition, 'change' is "to make or become different," and we certainly need something different.

However, in a country that has set an unprecedented standard for "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness," the original values of our nation should in no way be ignored when making decisions in this critical time. Rather, we should cherish the wisdom of our nation's forefathers, who were all too aware of a life and homeland without these three standards.

As men and women who understood first hand the value of liberty, our nation's first leaders risked everything to bring change that was based on truth, freedom, and righteous principals of government.

While it is important to run our country with a forward-thinking approach toward modern innovation and human rights standards, we can't count out those who envisioned and built a nation not just for themselves, but for generations to follow. Their strong moral values permeate our nation's constitution, serving as a standard upon which government is based.

Instead of upholding many of the original intentions of our country's founders, such as less central-government control, we have turned to a near-socialist approach in an attempt to exact further control over the masses.

People are all created equal, but they are not the same--and never will be. If we accept Obama's socialized approach to health care and his 're-distribution of wealth' philosophy, we will only be eroding away at the very things that made our capitalist and free market foundations strong. Obama's unbiblical standards pertaining to abortion (of which he does have a record of voting for consistently and liberally) also fly in the face of the unalienable right to life guaranteed to every person.

As a universally recognized "melting pot," we, as Americans, have the unique privilege of gaining from both the cultural and political values of immigrants from throughout the world. Yet, the United States of America was never intended to replicate another country. It has been, and, hopefully, will always be, our high national standards which have set us apart.

As lofty new ideas are preached, and persuasive words uttered, it is vital for all Americans to remember where we've come from and, specifically, what national values and standards have caused our nation to rise into its current position as a world leader in the 21st century.

The votes have been cast, but the American people still have a voice.

Obama promises change. Yet, a look at the history of other nations should provide more than enough evidence to reveal that change is not always a good thing.

I am willing to embrace change, but if it comes at the cost of turning our backs on the foundational moral and political standards of our country, then I fear we will break the very backbone of what our nation was built upon.