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What will Obama do when he is President?

The letter by Hahn (Nov. 20 Enterprise Bulletin) needs a reply. He must listen at times to one of the three names he mentioned as he disagreed with what they said. Limbaugh has between 20 million and 30 million listeners. His program is monitored by a Think Tank in San Francisco and they come up with an accuracy rating of 89.8 percent, which is near perfect.

Limbaugh also records all of the remarks by liberals so there is no chance that he misquotes any of them. They usually convict themselves by these remarks.

The new president seems to be picking many of Clinton's old timers who are indoctrinated in the Washington DC way of doing business; so how can he say that he is going to change how things are done there? These old timers won't change and it will be awhile until we find this out.

I will predict that in about two years those who voted for a symbol for president, a person who had accomplished nothing and who voted present over 150 times while a member of the IL State Senate because he didn't wan to commit himself to what the laws were for. What will happen when he has to make up his mind on some important thing that comes before him when he is president? As I am in my 93rd year on this earth, I may not live to see any of his actions, but they will happen.


Harley Karvonen, Perham