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Appreciates Assembly church signs

To Carolyn Teragawa: I read your letter to the Editor. Every week I read all those letters. They're very interesting about people's opinions on life.

I enjoy the sign at Northwood Assembly of God Church and Stablers Ins. sign. Sometimes I turn my van around to read the sign again.

Personally I never read anything offense to our community or myself, sometimes I'll say those words give me something to think about in my own personal life.

The sign at the church "Will you be screaming or singing when you die" is a thought for all of us to think about.

This sign is not pertaining to the health of people, it pertains to the health of our souls. My brother died November 9, my biggest concern was the health of his soul. I couldn't do anything for the health of his body. I could do something for the health of his soul as the priest gave him the last rite of the Catholic church, that was my duty as a sister. There were three pastors from different religions, they were our strength in the last days of Stephen's life.

All our pastors struggle to make their congregations happy, but I always say if "Jesus Christ came back today, he would pick the wrong day for a lot of us."

If people get offended about these signs, maybe their spiritual life is something they should look at.

Carolyn, "thanks" for being a nurse, and doctors are a "blessing" to us all for assuring your vocations that "God" has given you all.

Remember Carolyn, you work with the sick; let the clergy work with the souls.

Wishing you all Happy Thanksgiving.


Delores Wasche, Perham