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Obama will make mistakes--so did Bush

I haven't listened to Limbaugh since he thought the Americans were going to elect him President while addicted to drugs.

God knows everybody makes mistakes; so, I'm sure Obama will make some mistakes. Bush certainly made plenty of them. I hear tell there was only one man who walked this Earth who was a perfect man.

They crucified him--Jesus. The Doomsday Prophecy of the Republican party is turning people away left and right.

It will be two years this coming Spring that I disagreed with a Republican letter, in this paper. Five days later, I recieved a threatening letter in the mail, unsigned and no return address. Two days after that, we got a rock through our bedroom window during noon hour. Coincidence? Maybe!

I don't understand, why the far right always calls anyone who disagrees with them "liberal", like it's something to be ashamed of. Have they ever looked it up?

The dictionary says liberals are generous, broad minded, tolerant, fair minded?

So, I guess if conservatives are just the opposite, they are apparently stingy, greedy, narrow minded, intolerant, unfair?


Marlowe Hahn, Perham