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Don't sit, whine and wait for government

Honestly, Mr. Hoglund, I don't know when I have run into a whinier liberal than you. Shouldn't you be living in California or somewhere?

The levy failed because, frankly, it was asking too much for too long a period of time with no specific slots on where or how it was to be spent and by whom. We conservatives love our children, but we have been taken too many times by political promises and then seen our children left to hang -- and we've been made the poorer for it.

If all of you pro-levyites are so concerned, then I suggest you start an account at a local bank and start kicking in what you would have paid in taxes working toward a fund to help the school and stop your whining. We conservatives, as usual, will continue to raise our children to be responsible citizens, growing up, working for a living, paying taxes and not expecting government handouts the way liberals do.

If we want more money for our schools, then we need less abortions and more people off their bottoms and working (paying taxes).

My husband and I will be glad to contribute to something such as the idea, 'More Than Nothing', that Mr. Allen Braaten has proposed. We are inspired by people who take initiative the 'Good Ol' American Way' and don't just sit around whining, waiting for the goverment to come in and take care of them.


Nancy Stokes