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OPINION: Rush bridge-- Disaster waiting to happen

In October, the Rush Lake Bridge was removed. Today, as one drives from the south end of the Rush Lake Loop road toward the Ottertail River, there is one dead end road sign approximately two hundred yards from the river.

If a traveler misses seeing that one sign, there are no barricades or warning signs next to the river. This is a disaster waiting to happen.

About three weeks ago when I was made aware of the problem, I went to the Otter Tail law enforcement center to point out the need for warning signs. The receptionist told me that this was not their responsibility, but rather that of the highway department.

So, I called the highway department and talked to the assistant county engineer. He told me that there had apparently been an "oversight" and that he would look into it.

Today, over three weeks later, nothing happened. Just like the rut in Fargo, this is a serious accident waiting to happen.

Please, somebody in Otter Tail County do something.


Ken Johnson, Ottertail