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EDITORIAL: Q&A time with the girls

Our oldest daughter Avery turned 4 a couple weeks ago. Nora will be three next month. And with Molly turning 1 in a few weeks, time is flying in the world of fatherhood.

Each morning, I have the privilege of loading the girls up and driving the daily commute to Bluffton for day care. With a 4-year-old and 3-year-old in the truck this becomes our daily Q&A session.

It's funny how children at those ages observe life. Each morning the girls look for an airplane flying overhead. I recently returned from vacation in which I flew on an airplane. Since that trip the girls are even more interested in airplanes.

After spotting the airplane the other morning, the girls blasted me with rapid-fire questions from both car seats. They figured that was the airplane I was on for my trip to Texas.

It's funny how one question leads to another, and how the topic of conversation can move so quickly in an entirely different direction.

"What kind of Texas were you at, daddy?"

Big Texas, where your uncle lives.

"Did you go on a big airplane to Texas?"


"Did you go high up in the sky... in the clouds?"


"Was there a little boy on the plane? And was he scared... like that boy in the movie?"


"Why was he scared?"

I don't know.

"Maybe he missed his kitty. Did he miss his kitty, daddy?"


"Daddy, when you were on the airplane did you honk the horn?"



I don't think airplanes have horns.

"But cars do. How come airplanes don't?"

Hmmmmmm. Good question. Maybe because there isn't much road rage in the air.

"Do you like green Jell-O, daddy?"

Yes, but I don't like when other stuff is in it.

"Daddy, how do mosquitos poop?"

Well... just like other animals and insects, I guess.

"Do they have tweeny little butts?"

Yes, I think they are pretty small.

"Do mosquitos eat our blood?"

No, not little girls' blood... just little boys'.

Recently, I had to take care of a bee hive on the side of our house. Needless to say, the bees were a concern and topic of numerous conversations.

"Daddy, are the bees all gone?" Avery asked.

Daddy took care of the bees.

"Are they coming back?"

No, they went to somebody else's house.

"But if they come back, are they going to stung us?"

Not if you run fast.

That's when Nora, who generally is pretty quiet, bailed me out and offered her insight on the bee situation. She was stung by one in her bedroom a while back and still holds a grudge. I don't think she's going to let that go anytime soon.

"If they come back, I will punch them in the belly and crack them open... and... and... they will bleed," she declared.

It's not always a Brady Bunch sing-along in the morning. In fact, sometimes things can get a little crazy. But I do love the daily conversations on the morning commute.