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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Favors yes vote for 2009 levy question

We both are voting in favor of the school levy this time. We didn't support it last time because we thought the 10 years was to long and nobody knows the future. However, this proposal is responsible and absolutly necessary. All schools are having financial problems now and I fully expect the state to address those problems a soon as the current financial downturn is behind us. In the meantime, we need to keep the strong school system by supporting this school levy. Most of us live here because of the great schools and other ammenities that other communities our size do not have. Our homes have maintained their value during this housing crisis better than other communities. The reason is that people want to move here because of what our community has worked hard to build. A little extra on our tax bill for a couple of years is much better than the possibility of loosing thousands on our home values if our community would start on that downward spiral that we have seen in a lot of other communities. Please support the school levy for the kids and for our great community.