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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Vote responsibly--vote yes

District 549 has THE most responsible administration I have observed in my teaching career. For those tax payers who are concerned about their dollars being spent responsibly, they can relax and know that the Perham school administration does not waste any of the dollars allocated to them.

For the last eight years I have had the opportunity to teach in several school districts some out of the state. It shocked me how much of the tax payer's money was wasted on programs poorly implemented, supplies wasted, and a general disregard for the hardworking tax payer providing the dollars.

However, I can honestly say that I have never seen this attitude in the Perham school district. The teachers and staff are extremely careful about spending your dollars. This school district runs on a budget that has been trimmed and simply cannot be trimmed anymore.

Please vote "YES" for the Perham School Levy on November 3. Your "YES" vote will not help me at all. In fact since my husband and I still own property in the town, it will cause our taxes to go up and we have no children or grandchildren in the school district benefitting from a Perham education. But still I encourage everyone to get out and vote for the future of this nation!

Perham, you can be proud that you have been a progressive minded people, willing to spend dollars when you know it is a great investment. What better investment is there? Where can you get a better return on your dollar?

Patti Refsland

Cass Lake, MN