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COLUMN: Perham mayor invites citizens to health improvement meeting

By Tim Meehl

Mayor, city of Perham

First of all it is an honor to be appointed the Mayor of Perham. I would like to thank Mayor Kevin Keil for the time and work he put into the city and I hope I can do as well as Kevin did. I wish him luck in his bright future.

It was an honor to be the Master of Ceremonies at the leadership banquet this past Thursday evening as three well-deserving individuals were honored.

Bids will be coming in for the 1st avenue south project soon and hopefully they will be favorable so we can proceed with that this summer.

Meeting May 4 focuses on health in Perham

I would like to touch on a new program that is being launched in Minnnesota. It is the SHIP program which stands for Statewide Health Improvement Program. The goal of this is to help people become and remain healthier. In turn, it will reduce the cost of health care in the state and also reduce the cost that the taxpayer has to pick up when the state pays for a claim.

This will be achieved by promoting healthier eating, more exercise and physical activity such as walking, biking, etc., and providing smoke free public places.

There are four counties involved in this area and four cities have been picked to be pilot sites. Perham is one of the cities chosen; the others are Breckenridge, Detroit Lakes, and Moorhead.

There will be a public input meeting in Perham at the PACC May 4 at 5 p.m. in the afternoon and I invite everyone to join in.

Clean up after your pet in Perham city parks

I am asking a favor to those that use the bike trail around Arvig Park with their pets. I ask that you please clean up after your pet; it is disgusting to walk and see these droppings on the path. I see this for myself as I use the path. 

We have installed garbage cans around the path now, so please clean up. This goes for all parks in the city, as well as the streets. It is actually an ordinance so please be courtious to others as I would not like to have to make an ordinance banning pets from the parks as some cities have.

If you have any concerns about what is happening in the city, you may contact me at 346-4768 or email at

Enjoy Perham and have a good week.