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Letter: Guess Who?

Guess Who?

Guess the President.

In 1982, he agreed to restore a third of the previous year's massive cuts. It was the largest tax increase in U.S. history.

In 1983, he raised the federal gasoline tax by five cents a gallon and instituted a payroll-tax hike that helped fund Medicare and Social Security.

In 1984, he eliminated loopholes worth $50 billion over three years.

In 1986, he supported the progressive Tax Reform Act Reform Act, which hit businesses with a record-breaking $420 billion in new fees.

Under his watch, the national debt went from $700 billion to $3 trillion, and federal employment grew by more than 60,000 (in contrast, government payrolls shrank 373,000 during Clinton's presidency).

I will give you a hint: he was president from 1981 to 1989, and when he was Governor, he signed a bill in 1967 that legalized abortion for the state of California.

Roe vs. Wade was 1973.

Christopher McCrady

Dent, MN