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Column: The business of thanks

It is that time of year when we take a step back to reflect on the things in life that make us thankful. I give you fair warning here, my list is long and sincerely heartfelt.

To my family, I thank you for the love and support you give me everyday. My mother is a rock who has given me the strength to face life's everyday challenges, as well as the weird curveballs that it throws at you when you least expect it. To my dad, I hope you are proud as you look down at me from Heaven and see that a little bit of your amazing business sense lives on in me. My husband, Tim and daughter Grace are the two people who make my world turn. Thanks for loving me and making me laugh every day.

To my co-workers: WOW! You all work incredibly hard every day to put out the best newspaper possible each week. Cindy, you are the glittery glue who holds us together. If Paul McCartney had met you first, he would have never married Linda. Zac, from sales to shoveling to sound effects, you make me smile. Diana, your wisdom, sales savvy, and sense of humor always keep me on my toes. Rachel, if the devil is in the details, you are one devilish girl; thank you for your attention to detail. Ashley, aka Our Girl Friday. You are the perfect example of what a reporter should be and a great addition to the newspaper. Christopher, thank you for caring so much about the subjects that you write about. Sam, your integrity, sense of fairness as well as your quirky sense of humor, have been a great addition to the paper. Bob, thank you for your quick wit and your amazing command of the English language. You are the only guy I know who can write a column in 10 minutes that is so touching it makes me cry. Sherri, at our DL office, you go above and beyond every day. To the gals in production at the DL office, as well as Bob Jenson, production manager, I cannot thank you enough for your patience as we have had to make adjustment after adjustment in the ever-changing world of newspapers. To Dennis Winskowski, thanks for the vote of confidence, and for your guidance.

To our readers: I appreciate your business. While readership, at large, of daily newspapers all over the world has declined, our small weekly newspaper readership has remained steady. You understand the value of the local newspaper, and the ritual of sitting down with the paper and reading about your community. Thank you.

To our advertisers: I cannot thank you enough for your business. While the economy has not been kind to small business, you have understood the importance of advertising, especially when times are tough. For those of you who have felt the need to cut down or drop out altogether, we hope to see you back soon.

Here's hoping that each and every one of you are as blessed as I am and that you sit down and take the time to count your blessings.