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Column: A tough resolution for 2011

I'm not too big on New Years resolutions. I can't say exactly why - I'm not against them, say, but I've just never found them that useful for me. Or I've never benefitted from them (probably because I've broken them right away).

Until now, that is. As we move from 2010 to 2011, I have decided that I will make myself a resolution, and that I will stick to it. It will be difficult, with many challenges along the way. I realize this. But, as with most New Years resolutions, I will end up much for the better if I can stick to the plan that I have laid out in front of me.

No, my resolution is not something like, 'Quit smoking,' or 'Exercise more.' Those are certainly admirable - and probably the most challenging - resolutions for those who may need to make them, but they don't pertain to me.

No, it's not something like 'Be a nicer person,' or 'Show more goodwill to men." I hope that I'm already a nice person. I like to think I am, at least.

No, it's not "Take a cool trip" this year. You don't have to remind me twice to take time to travel! After last year, I'm certainly aware of the benefits of travelling.

No, it's not 'Read more books,' although that's something I'm trying to do more. There's just so much out there to read, you know? There's never enough time to read everything. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't find time to read something.

No, it's not 'Enjoy life more." I already enjoy life. Sure, I get stressed, as many people do, and sometimes I might be tired or cranky, but I enjoy what I do for work and for fun.

All of these resolutions that I've mentioned are very important. For some people, making a change to their lifestyle can be difficult, and if in my list I have mentioned a resolution that you plan on following, then I wish you nothing but the best of luck.

However, the resolution that I am making for 2011 is this: I resolve, after the circus of a year that was 2010, to never mention Brett Favre's name ever again. Though there certainly were many extenuating circumstances, but the old Vikings QB managed to nearly singlehandedly tarnish a season that had Super Bowl aspirations. In doing so, he tarnished his own legendary image with the embarrassing Jenn Sterger fiasco, and set a terrible image for young people and young players looking up to him.

So, with the Vikings season one game away from being over, I resolve never to mention the name Brett Favre for all of 2011. Given how things went in 2010, it's going to be tough.