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Column: Thanks to those who excel at dealing with public

Dealing with the public every day is no easy feat.

But all too often, dealing with people that deal with the public isn't so easy either. I think we all have stories about the crabby cashier or bank teller with a bad attitude, then say "some people just shouldn't be in customer service."

As I know all too well, catering to the demanding public isn't always easy. Thankfully, there are also those outstanding customer service representatives that seem to have it down to an art. Since I've moved to Perham, I've met quite a few of those people, but this column is to recognize three that I regularly come in contact with. These three are truly assets to the Perham community and the businesses they work for.

Cindy at Dean's Country Market

I see Cindy every few days at the gas station part of Dean's. She's always in a cheery mood and chats with customers when there's no line. She doesn't know my name and probably wouldn't recognize me on the street, but she is always helpful and works quickly. I find myself looking for her every time I hit Dean's and smile when I see she's at the checkout.

Bud at Subway

Subway has to be a hectic place to work. Customers want their food just the way they like it in no time. My sister worked at Subway in high school and had tons of horror stories about very angry customers. I know you can't please everyone but I haven't been let down yet by this guy. He, like Cindy, chats with customers as they wait in line for their subs. He calls many of the customers by name and always has a smile and cheery greeting for everyone as he takes their meat and vegetable selections. His mom, Mary, runs the store and works alongside his brother. He listened during the New Year's storms about my failed plans to get out of Perham for the weekend and about my stuck car. At the same time I'm at ease when he takes my order, as I know he'll get it right.

Clint at Tesoro

Usually about once a week I get gas or a soda at the Tesoro station in the morning. Clint is there every morning and always recognizes me and my reluctance to be awake in the mornings.

I feel comforted in knowing that he will be there. He usually asks me if I'll make it today and tells me to hang in there.

"I'll try," I always say.

My sources tell me he's so talkative because he used to be a seed salesman.

Like the other two, I always look for him and come back because I know he'll be there.

These three epitomize good customer service. I go back again and again to these places for these three people. I could get a pop or sandwich anywhere, but I choose to go there because of the experience.

I know I sound like an employee training manual, but I wanted to thank these three publically. Too often the squeaky wheel gets the grease and credit isn't given where it is due. It's due this time. I know there are tons of great faces of businesses in Perham, but these three specifically always make my day a little bit brighter.

So, thank you Cindy, Bud and Clint for making Perham a better place to live, for me at least, and many others I'm sure.