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Point-counterpoint: Being Single on Valentine's Day

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Point: Society says being single on Valentine's Day is wrong

By Sam Benshoof

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, it seems appropriate that I, a young single guy, should reflect on how it feels to be single during the holiday.

In short, it doesn't feel all that great.

If television is to be believed - and I have yet to find any evidence that it should not be - then Valentine's Day is the most romantic of holidays, where it's a requirement to buy an expensive gift to give to your significant other. We're bombarded by jewelry commercials of a guy giving his girlfriend or wife something expensive.

But what are the single people supposed to do? This question is typically never touched by the promoters of this holiday. It's almost as if, during this time of the year, we just don't exist. Those in relationships - or, the rest of the world - simply don't acknowledge us.

So, then, what am I to do? Kick back and pretend the day doesn't exist? That's easier said than done. Whether it's the advertisements in newspapers or TV, or the season candy in stores, it's hard to escape the fact that Valentine's Day does indeed occur on Feb. 14.

Or, perhaps I should use the fact that I'm single as a motivator to get out there and meet people and maybe even try to get a date for the night of Feb. 14?

Lucky for me, I already have a pretty special evening planned, and maybe this column will get the attention of some single girls out there who want to join me for it. While all my friends and significant others will be out there having a romantic dinner or watching a romantic movie or having an otherwise romantic evening, I'll be covering the Perham City Council Meeting.

Call me, ladies.

Counterpoint: There's nothing wrong with being single on Valentine's Day

By Bob Williams

Valentine's Day brings to mind one word, "yuck."

Over the years, I've stood in line, mouth agape, eyes boggled, with so many of the other men who visit floral shops infrequently.

Am I really buying flowers for that woman? Are we even dating?

Heck if I know.

One thing I do know: Buy gerbera daisies, gentleman. They last much longer than roses and you appear to have put some thought into the purchase.

They are a bit more expensive than the roses deal the shops will throw at you and you will be asked to pick out colors.

A half dozen with a vase should put you somewhere near 40 bucks. Sure, it's less than a dozen roses, but take my word for it: a week later, they'll still be alive. Your roses will be in the trash bin by then.

Unless you have some idea on colors, let the florist pick them out. It isn't like buying an oil filter.

What really lubricates my gears about this year's celebration is the fact I won't be having one.

No, believe it or not, there is no special lady in my life. Somehow, I have managed to float under the radar of all the single ladies in the surrounding counties.

I had plans to visit the local meat market for a filet mignon to sit and eat with my main squeeze, my couch, but upon checking my schedule, I'll be spending the evening in the Prairie Wind Middle School watching the Yellowjacket girls basketball team's heated rematch with the Hawley Nuggets for first place in the Heart O' Lakes Conference and I'm looking forward to that game.

Don't call me, ladies.