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Letter: Thousands rely on assistance

Watching the actions of the Minnesota Legislature has me wondering: Where has our sense of right gone? Why do our representatives feel they can take away so much from the people who have so little? People like me, who rely on state aid to maintain a quality life.

Some say that people who rely on government programs are "freeloaders." This over-assumption does not hold true. I am a 52-year-old man, married, and have raised two kids. I have worked my whole life while being a volunteer fireman at the Perham, Minn., Fire Department. I'm proud of my volunteer status because I don't believe it always is about the bottom line but about helping others. I wish some of our lawmakers felt the same way.

On April 11, 2010, I was involved in a severe motorcycle accident. That accident left me with a mobile disability in which I cannot work. I no longer receive insurance through my employer. I rely on Medical Assistance and other state-funded programs that are in threat of being cut. Without these promised safety nets, which I have paid into, my family would need to sacrifice all we have in order to pay for my medical expenses, leaving no money for other life necessities such as food and shelter.

This position is unacceptable. There are alternatives to balancing our state's budget instead of taking away assistance that helps not only my family but thousands of others in Minnesota.

Hopefully, our representatives will regain their sense of right and compromise on our state budget.

Bob Sim