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Letter: Sen. Hoffman owes citizens sincere apology

To the editor:

Like most of us, my parents taught me that if I made a mistake I should say "I'm sorry." They also taught me that an insincere apology only makes things worse. "Apologize again," my parents would say, "and this time, mean it."

Recently, Sen. Hoffman lost a unanimous decision by the bipartisan Senate ethics panel because she published a misleading message about one of her colleagues. She was ordered to apologize. That it took an order from a committee instead of Sen. Hoffman simply apologizing on her own is disappointing. However, her half-hearted non-apology only makes things worse.

In addition to her forced apology letter, she was told to remove her original message and post an apology online. Instead, she removed her entire account, created a brand-new account that hardly anyone knew about, and apologized there. If you whisper "I'm sorry" in a nearly empty room, should it still count as an apology?

Sen. Hoffman owes the people in her district an apology for her immature behavior; behavior that would be unacceptable from a freshman in high school, let alone a freshman State Senator. Hopefully she says "I'm sorry" and hopefully this time, she actually means it.

John Branstad

Madison Lake