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Letter: Was Hoffman's apology enough?

Several weeks ago, Trisha Marczak's article exposing Sen. Gretchen Hoffman's treatment of her colleague, Sen. Barb Goodwin, was informative as to Hoffman's style, behavior, philosophy, and immaturity. Even though it is unusual for small town newspapers to write political editorials on local politicians, your editorial on Hoffman was appropriate.

Prior to her election, Hoffman shied away from open forums where she might have encountered non right-wingers. I doubt the majority of the general public in our district really understood what they voted for: a gun totting, tea party, conservative type, that is, a "Lite" version of Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann.

Hoffman is both scary and embarrassing. Unfortunately we unseated the mature and moderate democrat, Sen. Dan Skogen (who believes in government and public service), to elect her. I find it truly amazing, but I guess we get what we deserve.

I had hoped your editorial had not fallen upon deaf ears. And, a couple of days ago, The Forum reported that Hoffman has written a letter of apology to Goodwin as directed by the Minnesota Senate Subcommittee on Ethical Conduct. No doubt it met the minimum requirements of the Subcommittee, but it did not seem to be sincerely contrite. Please keep us informed.

Dick DuBord