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Letter: Uselman will be hard to replace

If anyone thinks the Perham School District can easily replace an educator of the passion, dedication and commitment to what education should be all about such as Superintendent Uselman surely is, then they are sadly mistaken.

All through the successes and failures, she's been a steady light through both the good and the bad times. Like the best educational systems in the world such as Finland, South Korea, and Singapore do, she is an educator who emphasizes the good and positive and leads by example.

She respects and empowers her staff in a way that motivates them to do their best possible job with the kids with whom they daily work, and not just in sports but in every way possible, and most importantly academically.

She takes little if any of the credit for the successes for herself, and though she anguished about the failures such as the referendums, she did not allow them to get herself and her school down, but for the sake of the school, the kids, and her staff, she made the best of a frankly, in my opinion, selfish slap in the face.

Good luck, Superintendent Uselman. Bismark's gain is certainly our community's loss. Thank your for a period of excellence that will be extremely hard to duplicate. You have been an outstanding model of what achievement and accountability in your field of education should mean, and it shows the best in the character and accomplishments of the kids you served so well, and that is the truest test of a school and its leaders.

Greg Van Hee