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Letter: GOP should not give in to Dayton

How should I take the news that Gov. Dayton has decided to end his shutdown of Minnesota government?

Some say he lost to the GOP legislature, who held firm against his demands for raising taxes, and could have avoided all the trouble and turmoil of the shutdown by agreeing to the GOP budget offer before the shutdown, and not stalling so long to accept the same offer.

Others say Dayton rolled the GOP, he gets all the extra spending he wanted, he squelches what many voters elected the new Republican majority to accomplish, i.e, to stop the growth in spending and the growth in the size of the government payroll. And he found enough old dinosaur moderate Republicans to thwart and blunt the vigorous efforts of the newcomers we worked so hard to elect in 2010.

Because, from emerging news stories, it now seems that a few of those dinosaur moderates were upset that the shutdown was interfering with their plans to spend the summer fishing and golfing and tabulating their state retirement benefits, and they began to make noises about abandoning the GOP leadership in their dealings with Dayton. So much for the GOP acting like they won the election, and were not still the minority, complacent to scramble for whatever scraps the liberals swept off the table for them.

I will be personally disappointed if the GOP cave in to Dayton's schemes and just go back to business as usual - the same endless cycle of more spending, more public employees to intrude into our lives, and more empty promises of reform from politicians afraid to stand on principle and carry out the wishes of their supporters. If that happens, there will be fewer of us helping out next time. Time for a third party?

Mandy Peterson

Fergus Falls