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Letter: The rich pay plenty already

Once again the Green Eyed Monster has reared his ugly jealous head. In his letter to the editor of the East Otter Tail Focus of July 28, Marlowe Hahn said, "the rich should pay their share." Was he aware that the rich pay a higher percentage of their income to taxes than the middle class do?

Most of the "rich" worked hard to get where they are. They are the ones who provide for industries and jobs, all the new inventions, and provide all the conveniences we all enjoy. They are the ones who give the largest contributions to charities.

Their contributions are not small dollar amounts like yours and mine, but huge amounts. We should not begrudge someone of wealth and prevent them from realizing the American dream.

We should thank Mark Murdock for working so hard for us. He was elected to work in our place and he is to be commended for the fine job he does. For your information, Marlowe, it takes two sides to compromise.

Arles Kumpula

New York Mills